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Meet Edward Juliano

I started in the car business as a salesman in January 1978.

In 2002, I started helping my close friends and relatives buy or lease a new car. This was just something I did to help them out. I did not charge them for my expertise.

They did not necessarily always want to purchase the kind of vehicles I was selling, so  I told them no problem, I would help them.

Over time, my friends and relatives had spoken so very highly of me to their friends, and neighbors that their friends and neighbors started asking for my help.

At this point, I decided I needed to get paid if I am going to be helping perfect strangers.

Little by little via word of mouth more and more people would call me asking for my help. At first, it was just a couple a month. Then it grew into more and more each year. Finally, in 2007 I left the showroom to pursue this as a full time job.

I had found a niche market for a product that did not previously exist!

The benefits to the consumer are immediately realized by my clients when they see the results.

I have been a professional automobile negotiator for the last 35 years. There is nothing I do not know. I can not be out negotiated by any salesman or manager. I know exactly how everything works so it is not possible to take advantage of me. I know when salespeople and managers are not being completely honest with me in order to increase their profits. (you do not)

It is really incredible how much money I save people. I feel good about what I am doing for the public. All of my clients love me. I save them money, what’s not to love about that!

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