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  • June, 2016

    I was looking for a new Cadillac and I found Ed on the internet. After speaking with Ed I figured I wold give his service a try. I sent Ed the details of what I was looking for and being from Massachusetts where one or two big dealers own the market it is tough to get a good deal like you read about elsewhere. It took Ed some time to figure out the landscape up here but he quickly found the car I wanted and saved me $7k off of the sticker. I couldn't be happier with his service and the constant communication he provides throughout the process. The best part was I didn't even have to waste a whole day at a dealer showroom. I went about my normal day and Ed worked his magic. I know I will be calling Ed again when the time comes for another new vehicle. I have already referred several people to Ed after telling them my story.

    Ed, Thanks again for all your help in this very difficult Massachusetts market where one dealer has a monopoly on most car brands. You managed to do the impossible.

    Kevin. T. - Attleboro MA.
    Kevin Turner
    State of Massachusetts
  • We were living in London and moving to New Jersey and needed a new car. We knew what we wanted, but trying to arrange the purchase from abroad was incredibly difficult. We found Edward online and decided to try him - and we got lucky. Edward found our EXACT car. He had the dealership ready and we arrived at 9 am to find our car ready to go. Edward accompanied Laura in to close the deal, where he advised her not to purchase an overpriced add on, saving us hundreds of dollars. All in all the whole experience was fantastic... oh wait, forgot to mention that Edward got the car for thousands of dollars below invoice and True Car pricing, easily saving us $3,000 over what we would have paid on our own.

    We have never had a good car buying experience before and thought that trying to buy a car from London would be the worst of the worst. But we found Edward and he made the process completely painless AND saved us thousands of dollars. We cannot recommend Edward highly enough!
    - Laura and Christian
    Laura and Christian
    New Jersey VIA London England
  • I was looking for a dependable vehicle. I had been to many car dealerships in my area and was I very dissatisfied with the hard sell tactics and dishonest practices of some of the dealerships. Being a single lady and fearful of being taken advantage with no knowledge of car negotiating and car mechanics. I began to search online for some one who could help me with negotiating a better deal and provide professional insight on how to read a car fax and familiar with car mechanics. I came upon www.PersonalCarNegotiator.com web site . I had my reservations since he was not local. I am from Ohio and Edward is located in New Jersey. I'm glad that I was able to contact Edward and discuss my concerns and options and the type of services he offered in detail. As I looked for cars and SUV's I was always in contact by phone and email. I would email Edward with car advertisements from dealerships and private owners in my area and surroundings states, he would call the dealerships and car owners on my behalf. He saved me from making the wrong choices on many occasions.

    I decided on a Volvo XC 90. Edward was there on the phone with the salesman every step of the way and negotiated a great deal. He was very accessible any time I need questions answered.

    Edward. I have another email I was going to include if anyone had any questions.

    Talk with you soon.
    from Columbus Ohio
  • "People really need to understand that the very personable salesman or manager at the dealership are not your friends"!

    I would highly recommend Personal Car Negotiator to anyone who is looking to purchase or lease a new vehicle. I chose the $299 option and got back that investment and much more in savings with the help of Edward and Personal Car Negotiator.

    People really need to understand that the very personable salesman or manager at the dealership are NOT your friends and by manipulating different parts of the sale or lease agreement can cost you thousands of dollars over the term or your lease or purchase. This is exactly what happened to me.

    I saved over $3,300 after my negotiator phoned the dealer and called them out for switching the money factor (interest rate) and the mileage allowed during the term
    of the lease (12K a year vs. 10K).

    You see, the dealership was overcharging me on the interest rate of the lease, in order to create a higher interest charge which in fact the dealership gets to keep as pure profit, but instead in this case they were using that extra profit to subsidize the amount they were telling me for the value of my off-lease vehicle which was a 2008 Infinity EX-35 Black on Black with less than 10,000 miles on it. The Used Car Manager did not agree with what I felt the car was worth.

    As a result the sales manager did not want to give me the equity I felt I was entitled to based on my research of the current wholesale value of the vehicle which I felt was $29,900 according to KBB. The residual value for the terminating lease vehicle was $22,310 so I figured I had $7,590 of equity I could use towards the new lease.

    Edward explained KBB values are not as current as the values he uses directly from the auto auctions through out the nation and that $29,900 was too high for the wholesale value. He said "really exceptionally clean, low mileage, higher end vehicles are being sold back to the dealers from the manufacturers for $4,000 to $4,500 over the residual value"

    Edward said, I should expect anywhere from $26,300 to $26,800 Actual Cash Value.

    I negotiated $27,000 for the trade-in value which gave me $4,890 EQUITY in the Lease I was Terminating. I could apply the equity in the off lease vehicle to lower my monthly payments on my New Infinity M37-X. I called Ed the next day to tell him and he was very proud of me.

    Once the sales manager used the correct money factor and residual value using 12K miles per year and agreed to meet the trade in amount I negotiated, MY MONTHLY PAYMENT DROPPED $100 PER MONTH.

    In other words, they gave me $3,000 more on my trade value and then used the correct money factor and residual value, basically wiping out the additional trade dollars which were not real in the first place!

    What I got with PCN was dedicated help through the entire lease process over a weeks time. I not only saved thousands of dollars but got an education on how the process works.

    With the help of PCN we got the piece of mind knowing we got the best deal possible so we can more fully enjoy our Brand New Infinity M37x. I will definitely call PCN again when I trade in our other car in the very near future. Watch out Jeep dealers!
    Don S.
    from Perkasie, Pa.
  • Hello Ed

    Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today to answer questions concerning your car negotiation service. I am very interested in moving forward and will have the window sticker info to you by next Monday and plan on putting in an order on your site at the same time. I know that you can’t fully answer my question about monthly price without looking at the deal but if you can just estimate the answer to this it would be helpful. As we discussed, I am looking at the 2012 Volkswagen GTI Autobahn with retails around $30000. I would like to get a 36 month lease with at least 12000 miles a year. If I put down around $2000 do you think I will be able to keep my monthly payment in the low $300 range "like $325 mo or less". Just trying to get an idea so I know if it will be in my budget to lease the car with all the options or not. Thanks again for your assistance.
    from Tamarac, Florida
  • Hi Ed

    I just finished up at the car dealership. Everything went smoothly although the finance guy did try and throw a lot of extra services on and at a much higher price but i stuck to your breakdown and got the deal you negotiated. I know without a doubt that if I didn't have your service and expertise I would have been taken to the cleaners. There is no way that a person without a lot of car knowledge or top negotiation skills can not be taken advantage of by the car dealers "even though most honest ones which may be an oxymoron". Please feel free to use my testimonial on your website and know that I will use your service again when my car lease is up. Thank you again for all your hard work.
    Wendell L.
    from Tamarac, Florida
  • Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you to get the best deal possible from my local car dealer. You have great knowledge of the car business and I thank you for sharing it with me. I’m very satisfied with the whole process and I’ve never said that about buying or leasing a car before!
    Carl R. Baker
    from the State of Maine
  • “We hired Edward to help us buy a used vehicle. He was priceless in helping us weed through each used car we found. He helped us to decode the information on CarFax results as well as know the true value of each car we liked. We ended up with a great deal on a great used vehicle. We honestly would have made the wrong or a costly mistake without his help!”
    Shannan Murphy via LINKED-IN
    from the State of Florida
    A word from Personal Car Negotiator:

    March 12, 2012,
    TOP QUALITIES: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity hired Edward as a Business Consultant in 2012 1st Shannan Murphy

  • Dear Edward,

    I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
    Details of the Recommendation: "I've enjoyed my summer and now my new certified pre-owned BMW. The car is in excellent condition and it also has some extra fancy options like "heads-up" display on the windshield and as well as comfort access package.

    He never gave up looking for the right car for me! He was determined to have it by the time I arrived back home from vacation (Dominican Republic). He found the right model, in the right color, with the right options, at an affordable price. Which is always his objective for his clients.

    He makes buying a car fun because it like playing an elimination game and the car the wins becomes yours. He takes out all of the stress involved in talking to salesman and their managers.

    The only time you go to the dealership is to pick up the car and you already know everything about the car and the price.

    He is LITERALLY you personal car negotiator!
    David Ramires via LINKED-IN
    from the State of Florida
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    Wednesday, August 29, 2012 1:48 PM
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    Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

  • Edward,

    I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for your services. I could not be happier. I picked up the Cadillac on Saturday. Thanks to you all went well. All I had to do was sign & pick up the keys. "What a great service you offer the public" I will continue to spread the great news about your unique and professional business. My daughter Toby will be looking for another new car sometime soon and looks forward to contacting you. I look forward to doing business with you for years to come. God Bless you and your family.


    Thank you again.

    2nd Testimonial taken from LINKED-IN

    Norma O. in Staten Island, N.Y. says:

    “I am and will continue to be a client who holds Mr.Edward Juliano in the highest professional regard".

    "When my current automobile lease expires, I will rely only on Edward.

    He continues to knock it out of the ball park each and every time and is by far second to none".
    Norma O.
    from Staten Island, N.Y.
  • Dear Ed,

    Not only am I extremely happy with my new car, but the whole process of buying it was stress-free with your help! From the beginning, when you accompanied me for the test drive of three different vehicles, through the whole process of deciding on and locating the right car, negotiating with the dealer and finally picking it up, you took care of things, always offering good advice and information.
    I learned a lot, didn't feel any pressure and ended up with a fabulous deal on this great and (very cool) car.

    Surprising Reasonable Fee

    Thank you so much! Best Regards.
    Ellen T.
    from Fair Lawn NJ.
  • Edward,

    "The high quality of service you provide is well worth the reasonable cost".

    Working with you, we had the luxury of relying on your expertise to help fill in the gaps in our knowledge about auto dealership practices, keep the process stress-free, and help us feel confident in our decisions. You provided great insight into the condition and pricing of the various used cars we considered and even negotiated significantly lower prices on both the car and extended, new car warranty we got. You even helped us clear up an administrative error with the vehicle Manufacturer Toyota Motor Sales USA that threatened to deprive us of a new car warranty.

    Edward, you easily saved us over $2,000 and weeks of research and stress. And we love our car! Thank you, again.
    from Montclair, New Jersey
  • Ed has helped my family with the purchase of several cars; I would not even think of buying a car without him.

    Most recently, he worked with my husband and me to purchase our new Subaru. First we went shopping to determine in which make and model of car we were interested. My husband and I obtained a price quote and a trade-in value for our car.

    Since Ed has helped us before we knew not to leave a deposit without Ed being there. Then we gave Ed a call and he took it from there.
    Ed called the dealership and spoke with, among others, the general manager to begin the price discussions.

    Next, Ed and I went to the dealership and he completed his negotiations.

    Every step of the way, Ed could not be more knowledgeable and professional. In fact, the sales manager was so impressed with Ed that he stated, “We could use more guys like you in the business”.

    Then he said that they were currently hiring and suggested that Ed give them a call. But, I don’t think that Ed was interested; he really seems to enjoy what he does.

    Ed really seems to love helping people with what can be a very confusing and anxiety ridden experience of buying a car.

    With Ed at your side, it is a simple process. Plus, we figure that he saved us about $2,500.00 off the price and trade-in value that my husband and I negotiated the night before without Ed being there.

    We were smart enough not to purchase without Ed being with us. He told the sales manager there was $466 worth of equipment on the invoice we should not have to pay for because N.J. requires two license plates and we were being charged for the second license holder. Plus there was another charge he refused to pay.

    Then he was able to negotiate $2,000 more money for our trade-in because Ed knows the used car market so very well and knows what cars are really worth! He is an expert vehicle appraiser.

    A co-worker of mine hired Ed when she bought her new car and he negotiated her trade-in value $2,300 higher than what three car dealerships were offering her.

    I teach high school in Livingston, N.J. and I do not think there is a teacher who works here that would buy a car without Ed's help after they all heard about how he help us both save so much money.
    from Parsippany, N.J.
  • I actually ended up leasing the vehicle through a different Mercedes Benz Dealer. The original dealer did not have the color I wanted by the time I arrived at the dealership.

    Thanks to your assistance and expertise, I was able to walk into a different dealership and successfully negotiate a lease deal in the color I desired. I was so confident because of your help, that I negotiated like a professional.

    "I knew exactly what I was doing and there was no way I could be overcharged".

    Thanks sooo much,
    from Long Island, N.Y
  • Ed...

    Payment was made to you through PayPal today, please let me know that you received it without a problem. "This was the most pleasant, non-anxiety producing car buying experience I have ever had". The car is great, we both love it. You were a pleasure to deal with and obviously know the ins and outs of buying/leasing that the normal customer would not have any idea! The spread sheet information was clear, concise and gave me all the information I needed to make an intelligent, informed decision. A great experience.


    Dr. Bernard Kulper. I can be reached at:

    [email protected]

    I will also sing your praises on the St. Benedict's Prep Face Book page. Again, much appreciation from my wife and myself. Have a great 2012!!
    Dr. Bernard Kulper, MD
    practices Oncology in Scotch Plains, New Jersey
  • Purchasing our new Honda was a stress-free event knowing Ed had our back every step of the way. I wouldn't consider buying a car without Ed's help.
    John Pierson via LINKED-IN
    from Clifton, N.J.
    A word from Personal Car Negotiator:

    March 10, 2012

    TOP QUALITIES: Great Results, Personable, Expert

    1st John Pierson

    hired Edward as a Financial Advisor in 2012

  • Hello Edward,

    Thank you so much for your help. We are grateful that Norma told us about you. We could have never negotiated a deal like this. We picked the truck up on Friday night. The truck is beautiful! We are extremely happy with the vehicle.

    My friends Peter & Lynne will be calling you shortly. They are looking for a fully loaded Nissan Quest. Thank you again & look forward to using your services when we return our other leased vehicle. "Please be confident that we will be telling all of our friends about you & your professional services"

    Thanks again.
    Christine & Joe
    from Millstone Twp, N.J.
  • Ed has always conducted him self as a true professional. I have worked alongside Ed in the past for over 10 years and I consider him the best manager I have ever worked for in any dealership.
    Andy Carino
    Shrewsbury, N.J.