Trade-In Value

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When a dealership appraises your trade-in they will ALWAYS open you up with a LOW OFFER!  Trade negotiation is only one piece of the puzzle.  The selling price of the Vehicle and the Interest Rate charged are the other two major pieces of the puzzle.  There are also smaller pieces to pay attention to such as bank fees, documentation fees, handling fees etc.  Car dealerships have many fees, are they real?  Good Question!  This will be covered later.

The thing about negotiating with dealership sales manager and salespeople is the fact that these people have been highly trained in communications and closing lines, tie down questions, reverse questioning, alternate of choice close, assumptive close, I can go on and on… You really need a professional who can negotiate with the dealership staff on their high level of negotiation.

Consumers fall into a trap laid out by the dealership in order to create PERCEIVED VALUE.  What is perceived value?  Why is perceived value important? 

This is what you as a consumer are dealing with when negotiating alone, without an EXPERT AUTOMOBILE APPRAISER.  I literally know the EXACT VALUE of the trade-in vehicle within the last 7 days.  It does not get any more accurate. As an expert automobile appraiser I am on the same level as the used car manager.  Click Here for Services Price List  Most car dealerships have one or two used car managers.  These are the ONLY MANAGERS allowed to put a dollar figure on your trade-in.  The used car manager literally manages the used car lot and wants to own his inventory as cheap as possible without giving up a vehicle he can make money selling.  This is a very fine line to walk and is the reason why this authority is limited to one or two managers in the used car department.