What is a Personal Car Negotiator?

Personal Car Negotiator BBB Business Review

A personal car negotiator is exactly what it says!

A professional automobile negotiator with an expert level of knowledge about the car business and all of the in’s and out’s involved in the buying & leasing process, negotiating on your behalf for the automobile you want to purchase, lease or finance.

The consumer has a real disadvantage negotiating against professional salesman and managers who have perfected their craft. The better trained the salesperson is, the less likely you will notice.

There is a planned approach with every single customer who walks into the dealership. There are procedures to followsteps that must by done, all before getting into price. Salespeople are trained on how to build rapport with the customer from the first second of the greeting. There are scripts that must be learned by all salespeople, both for use in-person and on the phone. The whole process is a masterfully well scripted live play directed by the sales manager. Salespeople are trained on a daily basis at some stores to ensure the highest level of “closing the sale”.

Most people do not like the hassle of “spending hours” at the car dealership. The automobile dealership wants to wear you down. They do not want to see you leave and go to the next dealership!

There is no other place people want to avoid more than going to the car dealer to shop for a car!

Why does it have to be this way?

It does not!
A personal car negotiator sets up the entire deal with the dealership on your behalf. Then sends you your very own Customized Report.

A professional automobile sales manager has the skills required, to understand every single dollar amount involved in the transaction.

As a result, you save hundreds, even thousands of dollars. A professional automobile negotiator only
negotiates in your best interest.

Our goal is to negotiate the most competitive deal, at the dealerships of your choice, and set up the entire transaction on an excel spreadsheet so anyone can understand the entire transaction WITHOUT any special knowledge of an Excel spreadsheet.

You get to see all of the negotiated prices plus how those low prices translate into monthly payments
for financing, leasing or low a.p.r. financing.

The reason you would pay for a personal car negotiator to negotiate on your behalf is because you are
guaranteed an expert who is knowledgeable about finance and lease contracts, who understands every money amount itemized on those contracts, and can not be deceived in anyway because it has
been his life’s career.